What to do? I'm a debtor.

IA's debt collection guidelines

IA's ethical conduct prescribes that:


we respect each individual's dignity


we treat debtors honestly, fairly and with integrity


we adhere to the law


we demonstrate respect for cultural and religious beliefs


we report bribery and corruption practices


we do not accept cash payments

What you can do to settle your debt
when in default with your supplier

In order to guarantee a smooth settlement of our clients' claim against you, we will have completed an extensive series of procedures before contacting you. This includes verification of our clients' claim and the receipt of goods, investigation of your company and its background, including but not limited to its officers and assets. By the time we contact you, we will be assured that the claim is valid and that your debt is claimable.

When contacted, we advise you to:


Cooperate with our representative


Be honest and open


Demonstrate your willingness to settle the debt


Support our efforts to reach a fair and timely repayment plan

Together we can find a suitable solution.

If you cooperate without delaying the process, you will be considered a 'friendly debtor'.

Our representatives will cooperate with you and offer you a tailor-made repayment plan, which we will monitor closely.

If you do not cooperate in a positive manner, you will be considered a 'hostile debtor'. We will enforce the claim without leniency through any available channel and, if necessary, start up legal proceedings. You will not be able to escape enforcement.


Our advice:

Be a friendly debtor!

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